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Manifestation Mentor 

Spiritual Medium

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CharaMoon is a Lightworker, Healer, and Spiritual Medium with a divine purpose which is to assist you in healing blockages that prevent you from achieving your highest potential.


It is your divine purpose, your soul's mission, to recover your truth, step into your power, and harness your spiritual gifts to make a positive impact in the world.


Are you wondering...

 ‘Am I on the right path? What is my life purpose? What are my spiritual gifts?’


“In 2009, I had a spiritual awakening that began with all these questions. I started to question anything I ever believed in and everything I thought was real.


In asking myself those same questions, I felt as if someone whispered to me, "Well, now that you have asked...Charon."

"It was then that everything changed for me. In the beginning, I started to notice these sequential number patterns everywhere, for example, 444, 333, 222, and 11:11 They seemed bizarre to me, and they continually appeared in strange places. They had become so frequent that I could not dismiss them as mere coincidences. I felt a strong urge to connect with and understand who or what was trying to connect with me."

"Following my research into this phenomenon, I came to believe that these occurrences were in fact signs from the universe. The more I trusted and believed in what I saw, the more I was able to receive clearer messages more frequently and consistently. I was able to be in the flow and connected to Spirit due to my open mind, my open heart, and my acceptance of this process."

"As I was able to learn and understand how Spirit communicates with me through numbers, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of their loving messages and feel a greater sense of love, guidance, and protection in my life. Without a doubt, I know that I am not alone in this world. Throughout my life, I have and always will be loved, guided, and protected. Spirit always provides me with confirmation, that wink of clarity that I understand as 444"

"In reflecting on my experiences with Spirit, I often wonder why I have kept them to myself, or why I have not shared them with others. My spiritual closet was a safe place that I lived for many years. It seemed to me that I was living a double life at times. It was a fear-based decision: (False Evidence Appearing Real) Fear of what others may say and think. What I know now is living an authentic life may not be an easy decision, but it is most certainly a liberating one."

"The spirit world is constantly communicating with us. Spirit wants to assist us and let us know we are not alone. I like to say I was recruited by Spirit to help others. I am extremely blessed to share my experiences with the world and assist others on their spiritual journeys."

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