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Notice of Disclaimer:


The minimum age required to purchase a mentor membership or an intuitive reading is 18 years of age.


Spirit Closets is for informational, inspirational, spiritual, enlightenment and entertainment purposes only. 


Spiritual Closets and its Mentors disclaim any and all liability and/or responsibility for any decisions or actions based on the offerings.


Spiritual Closets and its Mentors cannot be held liable for the free-will decisions made by others. Individuals have the right to exercise their free will at any time.

Mentorship is not intended to replace medical, nutrition, psychological, or other professional advice nor should it be substituted for it. 

Spiritual Closets is a non-denominational, respecting all religious and spiritual belief systems and lifestyle orientations.


Should a client, member or subscriber experience medical, health problems, or suicidal ideations, seek immediate medical attention.


Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Text GO to 741741 to reach a trained Crisis Counselor through Crisis Text Line, a global not-for-profit organization. Free, 24/7, confidential.

Spiritual Closets provide intuitive readings and consultations at the request of our clients and only for enlightenment and entertainment purposes. 


In no way do these readings constitute or substitute legal, financial, medical, or other professional advice. By engaging in a intuitive reading, you acknowledge that intuitive readings do not diagnose illnesses.

Spiritual Closets or Mentors are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of the use of this site, services, or content. 

In consideration of your purchase of a membership, spiritual mentoring or a intuitive reading, you acknowledge you have read and understood the disclaimer.


In addition, you agree to the disclaimer and that you release Spiritual Closets owners/mentors/readers/community /email/website/social channels and communities of all liability/responsibility relating to your actions or inactions.


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