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I. Am. Soul. Collective

Empowering the World connect to Freedom and Creativity of the Soul by claiming the I Am.Soul that lives within All things. When you can claim and are connected to this place within yourself freedom is a natural side effect.


I Am Soul Collective is a community that supports opening to Authenticity and Abundance through following Bliss.

We create a safe place for All Expressions of the Soul as a life giving healing phenomena. so that Leaders and Teachers can move to the rhythm of their own drum. In doing so, this community will influence the consciousness of humanity to grow in a direction of healing.

We Value : Truth Seeking : Timeless wisdom : Vision : Self Actualisation : Altruism : Creativity : Uniqueness : Community : Legacy : Love : Leadership : Freedom : Faith

I Am. Soul. Collective. Offers:

Monthly Membership & Free Books

Inspirational Blogs

Weekly or Fortnightly One and One Sessions


We address Spiritual Health and Personal Practice & Accountability through Self Paced Courses & Membership Programs.

We Support community through I Am. Soul. Shop where part of profits go to Spiritual Emergence Network. 


Who can Join?

* Women &  Men of any age, You are never too old to start your spiritual journey and follow your heart. Your Soul is forever talking to you.
* If YOU Have had a Spiritual Experiences and are Looking to Find Meaning
* If you see yourself as an International Business Owners and  Thought Leaders looking to add Daily Soul to practice

*Attract Soul Mate Relationships in home, business, social and personal relationships.

One on One


Makeda’s guidance will help restore hope, joy, love and integrate a new deeper sense of meaning. Her assistance will help you cut through false hopes/stories and opportunities from the past that are clouding you from stepping forward. Transitioning through the years of disconnect from the true Self. Each delusion is met with a sacrifice that comes with stepping into freedom. 

The power of imagination is the fertile ground of the soul, it holds the mystery of every challenge and the birth of every creative idea. Tapping into this space can allow your complete wants and needs into your life. 


Reach your potential by joining I Am. Soul. Collective as a Member.

You will receive:

  • Access to over 10,000 books sent fortnightly

  • Weekly Spiritual Emergence Guidance based on current times

  • Private Spiritual Emergence Support Group through Facebook forum

  • Access to Mad Genius Webinars and podcasts -  Monday Recording


Creative and Cultural packages that are based on connecting to the Spirit and Unique intelligence within. These programs educate on how to access and get into flow, manifest and work towards one's authentic goals, problem solve using multiple intelligences, freedom to take risks and trust of oneself. 

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